Announcement on the Preparation for the Opening of the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) 2019/ Phase 1 (Ministry of Higher Education)

Announcement on the Preparation for the Opening of the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) 2019/ Phase 1 (Ministry of Higher Education)

Date : 17 January 2019

Reported by : Siti Nur Nazeha Bt Saiffuddin Zuhri

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(Ministry of Higher Education)

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.,


Dear Respected IIUM Researchers.,


In anticipation of the coming opening of the FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH GRANT SCHEME (FRGS) 2019, we wish to encourage interested academic staff to make the necessary preparations accordingly.

For the 2019 FRGS, the anticipated opening date will be sometime in January to February 2019, therefore, it is best for researchers to make their preparations now and make a draft of proposals at the MyGRANTS System.

Please ensure you have submitted your End of Project Report for your earlier FRGS projects (Contact the Grant Management Unit, RMC for this matter).

The DRAFT of the application must be prepared online at


Please find attached these items:

1a. FRGS 2018 Policy and Guidelines translation to English

1b. Garis Panduan FRGS Pindaan 2018 

2. FRGS Assessment Criteria

3. Slides on RMC Dean, Prof. Ratnawati's talk at the Writing Successful FRGS Proposals

4. Prof Ratnawati's FRGS 2015 Research Proposal (Highly Recommended)

5. Writing Successful FRGS Research Proposal presentation by Assoc. Prof. Dr Anis Nurashikin, KOE

6. Writing Successful FRGS Research Proposal presentation by Assoc. Prof. Dr Asan Ghani, former academic staff of KOE

7. FRGS, TRGS and LRGS Special Talk 2017 by  by Prof. Dato' Seri Dr Md. Salleh Yapar

8a. FRGS Workshop 2018, 1 (Speakers' Presentations) 

8b. FRGS Workshop 2018, 2 (Speakers' Presentations)


Important note: Research with IMPACT FACTOR: to ensure a competitive research proposal, do ensure that your research proposal will directly impact the society, especially the Malaysian society.

You are reminded once again to please ONLY USE INTERNET EXPLORER when using the MyGRANTS System. DO NOT use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or any other networks to access the MyGRANTS System. DO NOT use MACINTOSH computers or any Apple devices.

Should you update your profile at MyGRANTS and if turns pink in the system, please call any of the officers at the RMC to reverify you. 

Financial Budget of FRGS, please take note of things you cannot purchase:

1.8.8 communications equipment, office equipment and hardware such as workstations, laptops, iPads, hand phones, printers, toners, stationery and any purchases that are not directly related to research projects.

You also cannot use the grants for

1.8.7 Vot 35000

1.8.9 management fees / administrative charges 


* For researchers in KICT or KOE  whose research may need ICT equipments, please state your justification clearly .

*Stationery means papers, pens and such, you are expected to use facilities at the Kulliyahs

* Instead of printing with paper and printers you are encouraged to print or photostat at companies and this will be under V 29000 

* Reading materials such as books and journal articles are also not allowed to be purchased using this grant

* Do take note that you may Rent computers/laptops but not allowed to purchase however, you are encouraged to use your existing laptop supplied by the university, this is also pending approval from the MOHE.

* The RMC would like to inform here that should there be non compliance to the budget as per the policy and guideline,the researcher may find themselves making several budget amendments after receiving the Grant. Therefore, prevention we believe  is the best policy. 


For further queries, please contact:


Aida Melly Tan Mutalib, Snr. Asst. Director,

Grant Initiative Unit.

Tel: Ext. 5011 



Lastly,we at the RMC wish you the very best of luck to you and your team. 


Thank you.