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Purpose of IT Change Request

All changes, including emergency maintenance and patches, relating to infrastructure and applications within the production environment should be formally managed in a controlled manner. Changes (including those to procedures, processes, system and service parameters) are logged, assessed and authorized prior to implementation and reviewed against planned outcomes following implementation. This assures mitigation of the risks of negatively impacting the stability or integrity of the production environment.

Who to contact ?

The IT change request is managed by the IT Change Manager at Information Technology Division. Please forward submission or inquiries to:


ITD Director's Office  (Attention : Khairani bt Che Ibrahim) Information Technology Division Tel : 03-6196 4884 Email :

What to do before change request is made ?

The Change Initiator is advised to carefully plan for the change. Relevant testing should be done to ensure that the planned change activities will be successfully implemented. Review the items to be completed on the ICR form and the Change Request Report. When the form and report are submitted, the Change Initiator is expected to have performed the appropriate communication and discussion with the relevant parties (including the Change Coordinators and Change Implementers) to ensure that the planned activities are understood by all parties concerned.

The Change Initiator should take note on the possible types of change and the corresponding activities for each type of change. The expected duration of the submission of the ICR form and the Change Request Report need to be planned properly, since the change authority needs ample time for processing, amendments, submission to the CAC members and decision notification.  If the change request involves service downtime, an acceptable minimum 3 days notice to the IIUM community is needed to inform them on the planned downtime.

What to be submitted ?

The Change Initiator is required to complete and submit the following documents:

  1. ICR form
  2. Change Implementation Plan
  3. Relevant technical or supporting documents (optional)

Types of IT Change

The types of IT change are as in the following Table 1


Table 1 : Different Types of IT Change



  1. IT Change Request Form (For Non -Standard Change)
  2. Change Implementation Plan
  3. Standard IT Change Catalogue 
  4. IT Change Closing Form

ICT Rules

These are the ICT RULES with the chapter name, sub-chapter, title of document, policy type, status and policy owner.

Chapter NameTitle of DocumentsPolicy Type
StatusPolicy Owner

Policy for Management of ICT Project                      
Policy for Responsible Use of ICT Resources (IIUM Staff)POLAPITD Director

Policy for Responsible Use of ICT Resources (IIUM Student)POLAPITD Director

Policy for Procurement of ICT ResourcesPOLAPHOU, ITRes, ITD

Guildelines on Procurement on ICT ResourcesGUIAPHOU, ITRes, ITD

Guideline for Computer & Printer EntitlementGUIAP



Policy for Computer to Student RatioGUIAPHOU, ITRes, ITD

Guideline for Software LicensingGUIAPHOU, ITRes, ITD

Guideline for Inventory of ICT ResourcesGUIAPHOU, ITRes, ITD

Guideline for Disposal of ICT ResourcesGUIAPHOU, ITRes, ITD

Policy for Video Conference ServicePOLAPHOU NSC, ITD

Guideline for Video Conference ServiceGUIAPHOU NSC, ITD

Procedure for Management of Telecommunication ServicesPRORWDHOU NSC, ITD
NETWORKPolicy for Network ServicesPOLAPHOU NSC, ITD

Policy for Wireless NetworkingPOLAPHOU NSC, ITD

Standard for Wireless NetworkingSTDAPHOU NSC, ITD

Guideline for Wireless NetworkingGUIAPHOU NSC, ITD

Procedure for Management of Network ServicesPRORWDHOU NSC, ITD
SECURITYPolicy for Electronic AccountsPOLAPHOU NSC, ITD

Standard for Electronic AccountsSTDAPHOU NSC, ITD

Electronic Data Management PolicyPOLAPHOU COIN ,ITD
EMAILPolicy for Email ServicesPOLAPHOU COIN ,ITD

Guideline for Email AnnouncementGUIAPHOU COIN ,ITD

Guideline for User Email Spam ManagementGUIAPHOU COIN ,ITD




ITD Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA is a part of a service contract where the level of service is formally defined. In practice, the term SLA is sometimes used to refer to the contracted delivery time (of the service) or performance.

1. Please click here for ITD Service Level Agreement for STAFF

2. Please click here for ITD Service Level Agreement for STUDENT

ICT Services Help Desk

The ICT Services Help Desk provides a central point of contact for IIUM students and staff to report all IT problems, queries and service requests associated with the services provided by ITD. It is designed to be the first point of contact for IT support and work towards the resolution of issues in the minimum amount of time possible to ensure that any disruptions are minimized. Keeping updated with the University email account is very important, since most correspondence and acknowledgement on service calls registered, progress and completion of your service calls is done via the University email. You should also take note on the Report Id associated with your service calls since referring to the Report ID when communicating with us on your service calls would be a lot more convenient.


ICT Services Help Desk is located at the Ground Floor adjacent to the ITD Female Computer Lab.  The opening hours of ICT Services Help Desk are as follows:

Day Opening Hours
Monday -Thursday 8.30 am - 12.30 noon

2.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Friday 8.30 am - 12.15 noon

2.45 pm - 4.30 pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday Closed

In addition to the existing methods of receiving customer requests and complaints via:

  • ITD Service Desk telephone (ext. 6666)
  • ITD Service Desk fax (ext. 6665) and
  • email at

ICT Services Help Desk counter entertains walk-in service requests for the following services:   


Services For Student      
For Staff   
Wireless Access / /
Email account / announcement x /
myIIUM Portal account / /
i-Taleem / /
Student Feedback System (SFS) / /
SIS Account x /
Student PIN/Password / x
MSDN AA (include email for students) / /
E-Meeting x /
Booking ITD Computer Lab x /
Booking Tele/Video-conference x /
Network/Phone Request x /

Please visit us so that we can serve you better.

Target Resolution Time

The target resolution time for service calls can be found in the ITD Service Level Agreement (STAFF click here) & (STUDENT click here)





Video and Tele conferencing services at IIUM

Video Conferencing Services at IIUM

ITD offers two video conferencing options that you can use to meet and collaborate with others across campus or around the world, reducing travel time and expense while increasing communication and sharing.


1)        Dedicated video conferencing Service

Dedicated video conferencing system is actually a room with pre-installed video conferencing appliance. The dedicated video conference room provide optimum quality in video and audio delivery.

Booking Matters
Location: CAC , Gombak Campus Features: Basic video conference without  display
: 1500 participants
 i)       Request audio/visual services from CPD ii)     Request video conference service from ITD
Location : Senate Hall, Gombak Campus Features : LCD screen with projector Capacity: 100 participants   i)         Request audio/visual services from CPD ii)        Request video conference service from ITD
Location : Video Conference Room 1, ITD, Gombak Campus
Features :Dual LED screen with eagle  eye director
Capacity : 15 participants 
i)          Request video conference service from ITD
Location: Conference Room , KICT (available on 1st January 2016 onward) Features : LCD screen and projector with sound reinforcement system.
: 200 participants 
i)         Request video conference service from KICT Admin Office.
Location: IIUM Library Meeting Room Features : LCD screen and projector with sound reinforcement system.
: 35 participants
  i)         Request video conference service from Library Admin Office.    


2)        Software-based and  Web-based Video Conferencing Service

Software and web video conferencing services are normally used for personal video conference session or ad-hoc session. These services do not require any equipment or room reservation but only requires IIUM staff email ID.


Polycom Real Presence Desktop

By using personal computer/laptop, microphone and speaker, Polycom Real Presence Desktop allows users to communicate to other Polycom Real Presence or dedicated video conference. The software is also available for IOS and android. For more information, visit the Software Video Conferencing page.

Requirement :

·         Desktop/Laptop

·         Microphone and speaker

·         User ID ( staff email)

Google Hangout Google Hangout offers both web conferencing using your computer and telephone conferencing using just your telephone.  Users can have multiple participants per session. For more information, visit Google hangout page.Requirement :
·         Desktop/Laptop ·         Microphone and speaker
·         User ID ( staff email)

Note : Google Hangout can currently communicate with other Google Hangout only. To communicate with dedicated video conferencing system, users are required to use Polycom Real Presence Desktop.

Teleconferencing Service at IIUM

ITD also offers teleconferencing services which provides basic audio conferencing facilities.

Tele-conferencing service

Requirement :

·         The location of the teleconference need to have analogue telephone line.

Booking Matters :

i)          Request video conference service from ITD

Cisco IP Phone

For those with  Cisco IP telephone, you can add multiple callers to the same call by using the conference command. Please refer to here on  how to do this for your specific phone.

Procurement of ICT Controlled Items

Downloaded Documents
Flowchart Procurement

click here
Technical Specification Options Guideline    click here
Desktop Specification




Laptop/Notebook Specification




Software Template 

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6PrinterBlack & White Laserjet Printer

Color Laserjet Printer

MFP Color Laserjet Printer