Residential, Discipline and Welfare Unit

Residential, Discipline and Welfare Unit

Residential, Discipline & Welfare Management Unit  

The Residential, Discipline and Welfare Management Unit, or better known as RDW is one of the unit attached to the Office of the Deputy Dean (Student Affairs) of the Centre for Foundation Studies. This Unit manages the residential matters, discipline as well as the welfare matters of the students. This unit coordinates the management of the mahallah (hostel).


RDW Vision Statement

RDW strives to become the efficient and effective service provider on residential, discipline and welfare management to the students.


RDW Mission Statement

To provide excellent services to all students under the Centre for Foundation Studies.

Mahallah Contact Number:

Biruni - 09-5183501

Zahrawi - 09-5183506

Azdah - 09-5183481

Aishah - 09-5183491

Umamah - 09-5183486

Staff member:

Abu Bakar bin Omar

Senior Assistant Director

Tel: 09-5704312

Email: abakar@iium.edu.my





Zaireen Zalinashila Uyub

Senior Executive Officer

Tel: 09-5704329

Email: zaireen@iium.edu.my





Norlaily Mohyedin

Administrative Assistant

Tel: 09-5704284

Email: norlailym@iium.edu.my 



Mahallah Khalid Al-Walid (Male)

Azhar Ahmad Sahabari

Assistant Hostel Manager

Email: as.azhar@iium.edu.my



Abdul Rahim Sulaiman

Senior Administrative Assistant

Email: rahim_sulaiman@iium.edu.my




Noor Azlan Mohd Husin

Junior Administrative Assistant

Email: noorazlan@iium.edu.my 


Mahallah Talhah (Female)

Majdiah Othaman

Assistant Hostel Manager

Ext: 3559

Email: omajdiah@iium.edu.my





Monarina Mokhtar

Administrative Assistant

Ext: 3488

Email: monarina@iium.edu.my





Shamini Mohd Rosli

Administrative Assistant

Ext: 3610

Email: sharosli@iium.edu.my



Mahallah Maimunah (Female)

Nur Aina Zulkifli

Assistant Hostel Manager

Ext: 3538

Email: aina@iium.edu.my





Faridah Abu Hassan

Senior Administrative Assistant

Ext: 3539

Email: faridah.ah@iium.edu.my





Fazilah Zaihadi

Senior Administrative Assistant

Ext: 4335

Email: zfazilah@iium.edu.my




Mahallah Al-Biruni (Gambang Campus)

Nor ‘Amirah Kamruzaman

Assistant Hostel Manager

Ext: 3434

Email: miera91190@gmail.com





Mohd Khairul Izzha Ahmad

Administrative Assistant

Ext: 3436



Key Area of Services:   

  • Residential Management in CFS IIUM Kuantan and Gambang.
  • Welfare management (Welfare Fund, Zakat Fund, Insurance, Medical Guarantee letter, Mahabbah Food Coupon and Endowment Fund management).
  • Student Disciplinary management.



Insurance Scheme for Students  

All registered students are covered under the “Group Personal Accident” insurance. Application for the claim should be through the RDW Unit, Office of the Deputy Dean (Student Affairs).


Benefits Covered:                                         Sum Covered

Accidental death                                           RM 20,000.00

Permanent total disablement                     Maximum of RM 20,000.00

Medical expenses (due to accident)          RM 500.00

Funeral expenses (due to accident)           RM 500.00

Welfare Fund

Students are allowed to apply for Welfare Fund within the 1st week until 4th week of the normal semester. The application is online at  


Students are also eligible under situation as follows, subject to the approval of the Welfare Fund Committee:


Situation                                                                                                                                                         Benefits

Physical injury/ disability to accident or sickness

          Not exceeding RM 800.00

Accidental death

          RM 1,000.00

Loss or damage of properties caused by motorised vehicles, flood, fire or such calamities

          Not exceeding RM 500.00

Death of biological parents

          RM 500.00

Ehsan situation

          Not exceeding RM 800.00

Emergency situation

          Not exceeding RM 3,000.00

Natural death of students

          RM 5,000.00

Hospitalisation allowance

          RM 20.00/day (Max. 15 days)


          RM 500.00

Zakat Fund

Students are allowed to apply for Zakat within the 1st week until 4th week of the normal semester. The application is online at  



Mahabbah Food Coupon

The Mahabbah Food Coupon is an initiative by IIUM Endowment Fund Office and CFS in ensuring students having their daily meals. Eligible students are based on the family income background or any other difficulties. The coupon can be obtained from the Residential, Discipline & Welfare Management Unit.


Management of Discipline  

The RDW is also managing the activities related to the discipline enforcement as well as management for the students. It works closely with the Office of the Legal Adviser of IIUM, Office of the Security Management and other offices for issues related to the compoundable offences and the strict liability offences. It also responsible for the Mega Spot Check organised from time to time.

Student Affairs and Development (Principal and Fellow System)  

The Residential Management at each Mahallah (hostel) is also headed by a Principal, assisted by Hostel Manager and two support staff. The Principal is also supported by the fellows who are responsible for a group students according to blocks or levels at the Mahallah. Basically, the Mahallah’s Office will manage the students during the office hours (8:00am – 5:00pm), whilst the Principal and Fellows after the office hours.

Mahallahs under Centre for Foundation Studies


Mahallah Khalid Al-Walid (Block F1 and F2 Only)

Capacity: 852 beds


Assistant Principal:

Muhammad Izzuddin Sidek

Email: mizzuddin@iium.edu.my



Names of Fellows

Assigned Hisbah



Muhammad Ng Chee Hong

Email: cheehong@iium.edu.my


        Abu Dzar Al-Ghifari

Ahmad Rauyani Ab. Hamid

Email: rauyani@iium.edu.my


        Ammar bin Yasir

Zizi Zarimi Noor Rawi

Email: zizizarimi@iium.edu.my


        Bilal bin Rabah

Abdul Rahman Al Osman

Email: abdulrahman@iium.edu.my


        Salman Al-Farisi

Wan Ahmad Khairi Wan Ahmad

Email: khairi@iium.edu.my


        Abdul Rahman bin Auf

Mahallah Talhah

Capacity: 888 beds

Principal: Husnamaria Hussain

Email: husnamaria@iium.edu.my







Names of Fellows


Assigned Hisbah


Dr. Nor Liza Mohd Zawi

Email: nor_liza@iium.edu.my



Nurhafizah Saidin

Email: nurhafizahsaidin@iium.edu.my


        Nailah Al-Farafisyah

Nadhirah Abdul Latif

Email: nadhirahlatif@iium.edu.my



Nur Afiqah Md. Azmi

Email: afiqahmdazmi@iium.edu.my



Nurul Aishah Ramli

Email: nurulaishah@iium.edu.my



Mahallah Maimunah

Capacity: 984 beds

Principal: Noor Asiah Aling

Email: noorasiah@iium.edu.my




Names of Fellows


Assigned Hisbah


Norrohaida Mohamed

Email: rohaida@iium.edu.my



Nor Aini Abd Rahman

Email: rnoraini@iium.edu.my


       Siti Hajar

Nurur Raudzah Md Nor

Email: nraudhah@iium.edu.my



Nur Farrah Syazwanie Ismail

Email: nurfarrahsyazwanie@iium.edu.my


        Asma binti Abu Bakar

Majdina Mansor

Email: majdina@iium.edu.my


        Halimah As-Sa’adiah

Noorhafiza Zainal Abidin

Email: noorhafiza@iium.edu.my



Siti Fatimah Az-Zahra Elias

Email: elzahraelias@iium.edu.my



Mahallah Al-Biruni

Capacity: 716 beds

Principal: Mohd Zahid Ridzuan Mohd Zulkifly

Email: mohdzahid@iium.edu.my



Names of Fellows


Assigned Hisbah


Suhaimi Long

Email: suhaimilong@iium.edu.my



        Ibnu Al-Nafis



        Ibnu Al-Firnas

Nurul Azrina Abdul Aziz

Email: nurulazrina@iium.edu.my


        Ibnu Al-Khazily

Mimi Syahida Abd. Wahid

Email: msaw@iium.edu.my


        Ibnu Al-Tufail

Noreha Lokman

Email: noreha@iium.edu.my


        Ibnu Al-Bajjah

Facilities at the Mahallah




Coin laundry machine

                    Mahallah Khalid & Al-Biruni

Convenience Kiosk

                    Mahallah Khalid, Talhah & Al-Biruni


                    Mahallah Al-Biruni


                    All mahallahs


                    Mahallah Khalid, Talhah & Al-Biruni

Student’s Meeting Room

                    All mahallahs

Disabled student’s rooms

                    Mahallah Khalid and Al-Biruni