IIUM LIBRARY :: Muslim Scholars Collection

IIUM LIBRARY :: Muslim Scholars Collection

The Muslim Scholars Collection was set up with the following objectives:

1. To be known as a research university through developing this exclusive section.   

2. To lead Malaysian universities in the area of Islamic studies integrated with other discipline.   

3. To provide an exclusive hub for Islamic Studies in the area of research which use English and Arabic as the medium unlike other universities which only use Arabic or Arabic and Malay for their Islamic Studies.  

 4. The Library aspires to provide prospective students with an encouraging environment towards research in the field of Islamic Revealed Knowledge. As such, it provide an exclusive resource area comprising all major references by prominent Islamic scholars commencing first century until the present day.   

5. By providing the collection, the Library is not only preparing the basic foundation for research but also it will benefit others who are interested in doing research.   

6. The collection within the room are treated as a closed-accesses collection. Therefore, students as well as researchers will be guaranteed of the availability of those references that they need, whenever they need them.