Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design (B.AAD)

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design (B.AAD)


1. Program/MQR No.

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design (B.AAD) / MQR No.(In progress)

2. Brief introduction

It is a four years degree programme and the curriculum comprises various components including ethics, Islamic world view, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, analytical and communication skills in addition to core knowledge in the area of discipline; Interior Design (ID), Industrial Design (IDE) and Conservation (CONS). The core knowledge areas that are necessary for applied arts and design are knowledge in these three disciplines (ID, IDE and CONS), general knowledge of arts, skills in design, creative thinking skills and exposure to a wide range of media. The industrial attachment or practical training exposed the students to the real working atmosphere and challenges as designer or employees.


Program Outcome

This programme aims to meets the needs of industry of applied arts and design for a group of professionals of Interior Design, Industrial Design and Conservation which at the same time understand the role of man as the Caliph of earth.and be able to use existing knowledge, in an industrial setting of applied arts and design which have been increasingly complex and dynamic.

Hence, the objective of the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design Programme is to produce graduates who demonstrate those aspects. Having the ability to communicate well in English would further enable them to contribute at the international stage and realize the features of a Malaysian society as envisioned in Vision 2020 and moving forward towards the current Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50).

Therefore, the learning outcomes of the programme are developed in accordance with the B.AAD programme’s aims and objectives.

Learning Outcome


Demonstrate familiarity with established knowledge in the field of Applied Arts & Design and awareness of current development therein.

PO1: Knowledge

Use relevant skills learnt in Applied Arts & Design for professional and personal development.

PO2: Practical Skills

Cooperate with others and apply knowledge in a socially responsible manner for the progress of the nation and the ummah.

PO3: Social skills and Responsibilities

Demonstrate commitment to ethics, autonomy and professionalism in the workplace and everyday life.

PO4: Value, Attitudes and Professionalism

Communicate with people from a diverse range of backgrounds with empathy, showing leadership qualities.Understanding the different type of leadership styles and the demonstration of interpersonal skills when leading in a group situation.

PO5: Communication, Leadership and Team Skills

Analyse issues and demonstrate skilfulness in planning, executing and evaluating strategies and action plans.

PO6: Problem Solving and Scientific Skills

Use the necessary learning skills in information management and apply effective strategies for lifelong self-improvement.


PO7: Information Management and Lifelong Learning Skills

Apply basic managerial and entrepreneurial skills in Applied Arts & Design field.

PO8: Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills

Integrate Islamic principles in Applied Arts & Design practice and demonstrate behaviour of high ethical values in line    with Islamic teachings and wisdom.

PO9: Islamization and Integration


Career Opportunities

Job prospects for Bachelor on Applied Arts and Design graduates are versatile including as follows;


Job prospect

Interior Design

Interior Designer, Interior Design Consultant, Furniture Designer, Prop Designer, Stage Designer, Lecturer

Industrial Design


Industrial Product Design, Product Planning and Marketing, Automotive Designer, Furniture Design, Automotive Designer, Lecturer




Administrative works in museums and archival centers; Curator / Conservator and Archival staff


Conservation Consultancies; Researcher, Building/object documentation, Videographer/ Photographer, Adaptive-reuse projects


Digital Heritage; 3D Visualizer, 3D Replication, 3D Modeller, 3D CAD operator/artist, Heritage BIM


Tourism; Heritage Tourism



ICT related jobs


Graphic designer, Multimedia designer, Illustrator, Lecturer, 3D Visualiser, Graphic Software trainer, Lecturer


Program Structure

University Required Courses (20 Credit Hours)
Course title         Course Code
MPU 3112           Hubungan Etnik (Malaysian Only)
MPU 3122           Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) (Malaysian Only)
LM 1020              Bahasa Melayu 1 for Nusantara (Nusantara Only)
LM 1021              Bahasa Melayu 2 for Nusantara (Nusantara Only)
LM 1040              Bahasa Melayu 1 for International (International Only)
LM 1041              Bahasa Melayu 2 for International (International Only)         
UNGS 2060         Malay Virtues Heritage & Malaysian Society (International & Nusantara)
TQ 1001              Tilawah Al-Quran 1
TQ 2001              Tilawah Al-Quran 2
LQ 1008              Quranic Language 1
LQ 2008              Quranic Language 2
CCUB 1621         Usrah 1 (BUDI)
CCUB 2621         Usrah 2 (BUDI)
CCUB 3621         Usrah 3 (BUDI)
CCUB 4622         Usrah 4 (BUDI)
CCLM 2051         Leadership Package 1
CCFM 2052         Leadership Package 2
CCAC XXXX      Skills Package 1
CCAC XXXX      Skills Package 2
UNGS 2080         Ethics and Fiqh for Contemporary Issues
UNGS 2090         The Islamic Worldview, Knowledge and Civilization
UNGS 2011         Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
LE 4000               English for Academic Writing

Kulliyyah Required Courses (5 Credit Hours)
Course title         Course Code
AAR 1230           Quran Sunnah and Built Environment
LM 2026             Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya (Malaysian Only)

Department Required Courses (  127/128 Credit Hours)
    Year 1:  Semester 1

Course Code      Course Name
AAD 1100           AAD Studio 1
AAD 1111           Graphics Communication and Presentation
AAD 1130           History of Art
AAD 1131           Appreciation of Asian Art and Design

    Year 1:    Semester 2
Course Code      Course Name

AAD 1200           AAD Studio 2
AAD 1290           Computer Graphics Design 1
AAD 1230           History of Islamic Art
AAD 1211           Photo media
AAD 1212/
AAD 2011           Community Project or
                             Project and Exhibition (Department Elective Courses)

    Year 2:  Semester 1
Course Code       Course Name

AAD 2100           AAD Studio 3
AAD 2110           Islamic Calligraphy
AAD 2190           Computer Graphics Design 2
AAD 2130           Design Methodology
AAD 2112           Islamic Geometric Pattern

    Year 2:  Semester 2
Course Code        Course Name

AAD 2200             AAD Studio 4
AAD 2232             Space Planning and Ergonomics
AAD 2210             Islamic Craftsmanship
AAD 2260             History of Building Construction
AAD 2231             Interior Design Material and Technology  1

    Year 2:  Semester 2
Course Code        Course Name
AAD 2211            Workshop Practice
AAD 2291/
AAD 2290            Multi Media Technology or
                             Advanced Computer Graphics (Department Elective Courses)

    Year 2:  Semester 3
Course Code       Course Name
AQS 1301            Integrated Multidisciplinary Project

    Year 3:  Semester 1
Course Code       Course Name
AAD 3100            AAD Studio 5
AAD 3190            Heritage and Contemporary Studies

Conservation (CONS) Majoring

Course Code        Course Name
AAD 3130            Introduction to Conservation Archaeology
AAD 3111            Introduction to Materials and Techniques
AAD 3161            Conservation Science

Interior (ID) Majoring

Course Code        Course Name
AAD 3134             Interior Design Materials and Technology 2
AAD 3133             Lighting and Color
AAD 3135             Furniture Design

Industrial (IDE) Majoring

Course Code        Course Name
AAD 2230             Material and Processes 1
AAD 3180             Industrial Drawing
AAD 3110             Packaging Design

    Year 3:  Semester 2
Course Code        Course name
AAD 3200             AAD Studio 6
AAD 3230             Research Methodology
AAD 3091/
AAD 3290             Introduction to Virtual Reality or
                              Advanced CAD for Interior Design (Department Elective Courses)

Conservation (CONS) Majoring

Course Code        Course Name
AAD 3232             Building Pathology
AAD 3211             Conservation and Restoration

Interior (ID) Majoring

Course Code        Course Name
AAD 3231            Material Specification and Costing
AAD 3234            Visual Psychology

Industrial (IDE) Majoring

Course Code        Course Name
AAD 3233             Material and Processes 2
AAD 3280             Structure Design
    Year 4:  Semester 1
Course Code        Course Name
AAD 4170             Practical Training

    Year 4:  Semester 2
Course Code        Course Name
AAD 4200             Degree Project
AAD 4230             Design Thesis
AAD 4291             Graphics and Animation (Department Elective Courses)

Conservation (CONS) Majoring

Course Code         Course Name
AAD 4251             Conservation Professional Practice
AAD 4252             Collections Management

Interior (ID) Majoring

Course Code         Course Name
AAD 4250              Marketing and Management
AAD 4231              Interior Design Professional Practice

Industrial (IDE) Majoring

Course Code         Course Name
AAD 4232              Industrial Design Marketing and Management
AAD 4210              Model Making and Final Project


Duration of Study

4 years


Student Affair

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