Leadership and Training Unit (LTU)

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Centre for Foundation Studies

International Islamic University Malaysia
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Kuantan Campus
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
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Pahang Darul Makmur,Malaysia

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Phone: +609 570 4333
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Any matters related to CFS, please email to cfs.complaint@iium.edu.my

Leadership and Training Unit (LTU)

Leadership and Training Unit (LTU) is responsible for creating awareness among students on their roles and functions as foundation students and future leaders.  In sha Allah. LTU encourages active participation in co-curricular activities with the ultimate aim of nurturing the students’ leadership potential and soft skills in various aspects.

Associations (Council, Societies and Clubs)

Students are expected to involve themselves in a minimum of one society (department-based) and two clubs of their choice.

Students Council

Foundation Student Coordination Council (FSCC) (This is the highest level in student representation and acts as an umbrella to the other associations)

List of Societies & Clubs

Academic Based Society (According to students programme)
  • Medical Sciences Students Society (MEDCY)
  • Pre-Sciences Students Society (PRESSS)
  • Engineering Students Society (ENGENIUS)
  • Architecture Students Society (IDEA)
  • Information & Communication Technology Students Society (INTECHSS)
  • Law Students Association (MeLEX)
Martial Arts, Sports & Recreation Club Open to all students)
  • Seni Silat Gayung Malaysia Club
  • Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia Club
  • Seni Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi Club
  • Tae Kwon Do Club
  • Karate Do Club
  • Capoeira Club
  • Adventure Club (ARC)
Socio-Education Club (Open to all students)
  • Culture & Arts Club (CAC)
  • Red Crescent Club (RCC)
  • Creative Multimedia Club (CMC)
  • PERKIM Club
  • Entrepreneur Club (ENTREC)
  • Environment & Nature Club (ENC)
  • Global Community Club (GCC)
  • Kelab Debat Bahasa Melayu (KDBM)
  • English Debate Club (EDC)
  • Arabic Debate Club (ADC)

Martial Arts, Sports and Recreation Activities

This department also provides martial arts, indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities to students to keep themselves fit, strong and healthy, both mentally and physically.

Sports and Recreational Club

Besides the above, other games available are football, futsal, street soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, netball, sepaktakraw, hockey, badminton and table-tennis. Gymnasiums for both male and female students are available at their respective Mahallat.

Annual Major Programmes

This department is responsible for planning, organising and supervising the Centre’s annual major programmes as follows:

  1. Ta’aruf Programme – the intake (registration) of new students and orientation programme in collaboration with all departments at the Centre 
  2. Nomination and selection of Foundation Student Coordination Council (FSCC) 
  3. Management Course for Student Leaders (McLEAD) – a management and training course for office-bearers of all societies and clubs. 
  4. Raudhah Festival (RAFEST) – a centralised programme that provides various opportunities for students at the Centre to organise events such as talks, forums, seminars, workshops, campaigns, exhibitions, stalls and concerts. 
  5. Sports and Martial Arts Carnival (SMAC) – a centralised sport carnival consisting of inter-programme sports competitions, martial arts demonstrations and exhibitions. 
  6. Baktisiswa – a community service programme which integrates students into the society (domestically or internationally) with the aim of creating in them awareness of their role as agents of change and development, InsyaAllah