Information Technology

Information Technology

ITD was formed to provide IT services to the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), IIUM community. In this respect, ITD will have a role as a service provider to all departments at the Centre. ITD will identify plan and implement IT projects as well as support and maintain its operations on behalf of the users. This includes planning of ICT requirements, networking, data storage, data recovering system, IP PBX, Wifi and system development of computerization systems for the Centre. In implementing projects, ITD will study the requirements, design and specify the scope of work, supervise and manage the projects on behalf of the users, test and commission the system, train and support the users and also provide maintenance.  The IT Department comprises three units: the telecommunication and Computing Unit; the Centre Core, Collaborative and Strategic Application Unit; and the Network and Security Unit.

Organisational Chart

Telecommunication & Computing Unit

The telecommunication and Computing Unit is responsible for various tasks:

  • procurement of new PC as requested by the user
  • providing PC preventive maintenance from time to time
  • providing PC repairs and maintenance (hardware and software)
  • servicing printers and peripherals
  • providing teleconferencing services for meetings and discussions
  • facilitating the smart card service
  • maintaining computer labs at the centre
  • managing the service centre
  • managing the helpdesk service
  • providing hardware and software assistance as requested by user

Centre Core, Collaborative and Strategic Application Unit

The Centre Core, Collaborative and Strategic Application Unit is responsible for system development at the centre. Its tasks are stated below:

  • developing new systems for the Centre as requested by the user
  • maintaining the current and existing system for the Centre
  • improving the system from time to time
  • collaborating with main campus and other institutions
  • planning for new strategic approach and application
  • coordinate the Centre’s web page committee

Network and Security Unit

The Network and Security Unit is responsible for the Internet and Virtual Private Network (VPN) at the Centre. Its tasks are:

  • maintaining the current networking infrastructure
  • managing the security of the server and network
  • planning for new networking systems
  • upgrading the existing networking architecture
  • maintaining the IP-PBX system for the Centre
  • managing server switches and cables (optical fibers)
  • maintaining the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for the servers
  • providing wireless services on campus and in mahallahs.