Master of Protective Security Management

Master of Protective Security Management


1. Program/MQR No.
Master of Protective Security Management – By Mixed Mode
MQR Code: MQA/FA0556

2. Brief introduction
Protective security can no longer be treated in isolation. Knowledge on protective security has developed and essentially turned into a wide-ranging strategy via science and technology set to be effective and operative. Protective security is at the core of security science development, which offers comprehensive knowledge on leading edge security management, security principles and technologies, and other related fields with the central theme of security risk and risk management. Therefore, the Centre for IT Advancement (CITA) proudly offers a Master of Protective Security Management. This program is designed especially for those organizations dealing with critical infrastructures and key installations, such as government agencies, energy & utilities, health services, transportation, banking & finance, info & telecommunication, etc.


Program Outcome
1. Deliver clearly the concept of strategic, operational and tactical thinking and apply the knowledge in a socially responsible manner for the progress of the nation and the Ummah.
2. Use the knowledge and comprehension of management principles and practices including problem solving and scientific skills within the context of security profession that add real values to their personal and organizational effectiveness.
3. Deliver effective communication, leadership and teamwork skills as well as practice professional and ethical values in performing their role as security professionals.
4. Demonstrate values, attitudes, professionalism and relevant framework in ICT tools and technique that assist in understanding the potential benefits and risks related to the application of ICT.
5. Demonstrate skills in information management, and lifelong learning by acquiring qualification for further degree, and engaging in societal initiatives leading to the establishment of national level association dealing with protective security standards and professional practices.
6. Practicing leadership skills as well as applying professional and supervisory capabilities in performing their role as security professionals.


Carrier Opportunities
    -    Protective Security Specialist
    -    Protective Security Consultant
    -    Information Security Specialist
    -    Security Risk Manager
    -    Information Security Auditor
    -    Business Continuity Manager
    -    Chief Information Security Officer


Program Structure
The mode of the study is coursework. Students are required to complete a total of 40 credit hours, consists of 30 credit hours of courses and 10 credit hours of project paper at the last semester.

Course Credit Value
Kulliyyah Required Course 6
Core Course (Coursework) 18
Elective Course 4
Dissertation 12
Total Credit Hours 40


Duration of Study
Full time with:
a)    1.5 years minimum academic year
b)    3 years maximum academic year

Part time with:
a)    2 years minimum academic year
b)    5 years maximum academic year


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