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Research and Publication

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Mdm. Hayati Abu Kasim
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Journal of Architecture, Planning and Construction Management (JAPCM) It is observed that in the specialized fields of Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Building Technology And Engineering, Applied Arts And Design,Construction Management and others but related to the built environment there is a general lack of scholarly views and research reports, either collectively or individually, that are closest to Malaysia, Asia and the Islamic perspectives. Consequently, the Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design at the International Islamic University Malaysia (KAED, IIUM) considers it to be timely and appropriate for a journal i.e. Journal of Architecture, Planning and Construction Management (JAPCM) to be established. The key aim of JAPCM is therefore to provide a platform for such 'gap' in the body of knowledge to be addressed.

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The Design Ideals Journal offers an opportunity for researchers, research students, and practitioners to share their views, theoretical and empirical research findings; and readers, especially academics and students to advance and value from its contents. Research reports and theoretical papers, short practice notes, design reviews and abstracts from portfolios and design theses are welcome on any aspects of architecture, urban and regional planning, landscape architecture, applied arts and design, and other fields related to the built environment discipline. 

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1. Extension of Publication Fee Payment Facilitation to Scopus and ESCI 
       Indexed Journal Articles

         1.1) Publication Fee Facilitation Form
         1.2) How to Search Journal Index by Web of Sciences (WoS)
         1.3) How to Open a New Account of Web of Sciences (WoS)

2. Guideline How to Search 5 years Cumulative Citations from Scopus by Dar Al-Hikmah Library

3. Manual on Submission of Progress Report on MYGRANTS

4. Online Patent Registration via RMSV2 - Intellectual Property Registration    (IPR)

5. Scheme of Post Doctoral Fellow (PDF) 2017

6. Standard of Procedure (SOP) for Research Grants

7. Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Research Grants 2020 Guidelines

8. Latest Guidelines on Expenses, GRA & Extension ( Updated 6 Oct 2020)

9A. Briefing on Grant Management Presentation Slide
(The two files below can be obtained from the following

 1. Briefing in Grant Management 2019 Presentation Slide.

 2. Briefing in Grant Management 2019 - Guidelines on Expenses, GRA & 

B.  Briefing Session on the Workshop for Grant Applications 2020

  1. Highlights on MOE 2020 Grants 
  2. Briefing on KPM Research Grant Application 2020
  3. Briefing on Patent Search Guide
  4. Amendments to the IIUM Policy and Procedure on Academic Integrity and Honesty 2008
  5. (FINAL) Simplified Patent Search Report (MyGRANTS)
  6. Video for Workshop on Grant Applications

The RMC website address: http://iium.edu.my/centre/rmc/policy-guidelines-and-procedures.

10. Sesi Taklimat Permohonan Geran Penyelidikan KPM Tahun 2020

11. Research Completion Module User Manual (Research Management System Version 2)

12. Sponsored Research Guidelines & Procedures 2019

13. Registration Form For Contract Research / Sponsored Research / Joint Project / IIUM Research Endowment Fund

14. IIUM Policy on Research and Innovation 2019

15. Final Report - FRGS Form

16. Guideline Required Output FRGS

17. Profile of Final Report -FRGS, RAGS, ERGS, PRGS

18. Sample Infographic

19. Sample IREP Evidence

20. Format Full Version of Research Report in IREP

21. Guideline Required Output (RIGS, CRIG, RPDF, PRIGS)