[Video] How to Perform Your Regular Data Backup by Using Google Drive

[Video] How to Perform Your Regular Data Backup by Using Google Drive

Tarikh : 02 June 2017

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Make Regular Backups


A good backup strategy is essential for data security. A backup is the last defense against data loss, providing a way to restore original data.


The Main Reasons for having Data Backup is to restore lost data.


Data on a hard disk can be lost for a variety of reasons, such as:-


1. Hardware failure

2. Operating system failure.

3. Files  modified or deleted accidentally by yourself

4. Files modified or deleted intentionally by intruder;

5. Files modified or deleted by virus or malicious codes.

6. Files infected and locked by malware and can't be recover.


so to prevent this, Please practice regular data backup for at least once a week to secure our own important data.


For IIUM Community, we have another backup options that is cloud storage. Our Cloud Storage is provide by google through Education program. It can be utilize by us as secondary backup platform.


How to backup our data to our IIUM Google Drive ? Please watch this video guide.


1. Login to your IIUM Gmail account

2. Go to Google Drives Link or you can Click Here

3. Follow this Video Guide.