2020 Benefitting Society Finalist: International Islamic University Malaysia – Malaysia

2020 Benefitting Society Finalist: International Islamic University Malaysia – Malaysia

Tarikh : 26 May 2020

Dilaporkan Oleh : Roslan Bin Rusly

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International Islamic University Malaysia - LIGHT: Leadership for Social Empowerment 

LIGHT is a leadership programme for university students through community engagement with the theme "Leadership for Social Empowerment". The programme is conducted through a community-project approach where students and academics from various disciplines engage with four local communities to produce cultural heritage products in Gombak, Malaysia.

The uniqueness of this project is that it serves as a very dynamic learning platform for the students to structurally apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom to the real world. More than that, the program is built upon strong synergies among academics, business players and the community itself, which forms the whole co-learning ecosystem.  

This project's impacts are not only for the students and communities but to shape a balanced and harmonised individual, in order for them to be responsible towards themselves, to God, to society and to all humankind. This is what the acronym of LIGHT stands for: L–Leadership, I–Intuitive, G–Giving, H–Humility, and T–Tenacity. 

Top three learnings: 

  1. We sharpened our leadership, management and teamwork skills through the project-based activities. 
  2. We improved how to communicate and solve problems together through interdisciplinary knowledge and skills sharing. 
  3. We learned about our communities and shared our ideas to help them solve their problems.

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