MSD to excel in new dimension

MSD to excel in new dimension

Date : 02 September 2020

Reported by : Danial Yusof

Category : News


By Danial Yusof

GOMBAK, 1 September 2020: The Management Service Division (MSD) is an essential department in IIUM as it is the centre for academicians and the administration to refer to when it comes to career development, according to Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak.

In a session with the MSD today, the Rector stressed on its functions to ensure that everyone complies with the organisation’s policies, to look after and know the problems and challenges of the staff. The Rector said that the clash between humanity and policy must be applied according to the situation faced.

He further said that during this post-COVID19 situation, IIUM needs to change some of its system to be more flexible to all staff and IIUM is trying very hard to come out with the best solution in trying to make the institution flourish than it was before.

“I think the issue basically is how you give some flexibility to the decision making, where situations are not the same at all  times,” the Rector added.

“Wherever you can make people more comfortable and more responsible, I think we should go for that in which policy is man-made, it can be changed, and it is not something that will be there forever.

The SOP is the minimum guideline where you can expand it and make it better and I think you should be able to do that as long as you meet the minimum standard,” he further added.

Meanwhile, according to Director of MSD, Madam Nor Aminah Kostor, the department has reviewed its academic and administrative performance appraisal as well as the promotion criteria. She said the new performance appraisal and promotion criteria for academic staff have been endorsed in 2019 and soon for administrative staff.

“These performance appraisal and promotion criteria will look into Key Intangible Performance (KIP) indicators by which we measure or evaluate the performance based on the flexible and holistic style of working, which means the contribution made to the university and its impact to the community,” she said.***