This SMS is Not from Maybank

This SMS is Not from Maybank

Date : 16 February 2016

Reported by : WebMaster

Category : News


Cybersafe Awareness 2016 : This sms is not generate from maybank


some of the malaysian received a sms claim from maybank and also in the messages contains a link claims from maybank


as stated in the below picture


Phshing SMS claims from Maybank


The scammers use the general number 66628. they include the fake maybank link address in the sms.

As of more malaysia is using smartphone. so they will just click straight from the sms to know what is the urgent info that maybank want to tells out.


so for a safety step in online banking or to get any info regarding online banking, It is better and safe for us to do it manually.


1. Open Web Browser.


2. Manually type the bank url that we recognized. example if maybank we know the link is  ! not as the stated above in the sms which it used

try to confusing users.



so be aware. any transaction for money / online banking, make sure we do it manually. dont just simply clicks any link get from sms, whatsapp, telegram or email.